Distortion Level - What Are You People? (Vinyl)

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  • Oct 10,  · While vinyl records have plenty to offer, both sonically and from a listening experience standpoint, they also come with some trade-offs. One of the most commonly cited but also misunderstood trade-offs is a phenomenon known as inner-groove distortion (also referred to as end-of-side distortion.
  • Sep 07,  · People tend to set it too light. Make certain that your cartridge and arm "float" weightlessly above the record when the tracking force dial is set to zero (adjust as needed to zero it out if you need to), and then set the tracking force to 2 grams or more, as needed to get good sound quality.
  • Sep 03,  · The distortion you mention is one of the common devils that have to be managed in vinyl. It can have several causes clogged stylus. So, clean the stylus. Several ways to do this: MY preferred method (other views on this, of course no simple answers) is the little stiff brush that resembles a mini-mini frying pan.
  • Nov 15,  · I'll tell you (from the top of my head anyway, from memory) that with Stanton AL (which I run) you will be in a range of 1,2 - 2,0 g (max.) on your arm weight - depends on how hard you like it to push against the vinyl. Anti-skating, well, hmmm, when you adjust your needle (with protractor) to be absolute parallel (or at 90° to the markers.
  • LP Distortion Mechanisms Distortion mechanisms in reproduction from gramophone (phonograph) records. If we leave aside the linearity of the electromechanical transducers of the cutter head when recording and the cartridge, when playing the record - which may in any case be reduced to low levels - the majority of the distortion generated in reproduction from records is due to the differences in.
  • Nov 04,  · Vinyl distortion! Reply #1 – If sibilants on vinyl are shocking to you, then you're not a good candidate for vinyl - buy the CD. If you want to limit them, buy an ATMLa and make sure you align it properly. Chjmu Newbie; Posts: 25; Joined: Jun 27,
  • May 16,  · Re: Vinyl Treble Distortion Try and go to a Shure M97 at least from the Needle Doctor. A new phono stage would be good like the entry level, .
  • Mar 26,  · Vinyl can struggle with highs and lows: High-pitched frequencies (drum cymbals, hi-hats) and sibilance (think "s" sounds) can cause the ugly crackle of distortion.
  • Jan 17,  · The tendency to trust and value people who are like you, or who are in your circle, more than people from different backgrounds. "You don't know what you .

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